Most Effective HIIT Cardio Program

HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) is the most effective cardio type to lose fat. This type of training is done by reaching the maximum speed in a short time and then returning to normal speed ;thus, fat burning triggered. If you combine a quality weight training with an intensive interval cardio training, your metabolic rate will remain 24-48 hours faster even if your sport is over. Considering that our body tends to dissolve fats day and night, it will be much easier to achieve the result we have imagined than normal cardio training.

How to do Interval Cardio Training?

It is up to you to choose first. You are free to choose all types of cardio. Walking, jogging, climbing, cycling, elliptical machines, swimming, space walking, rowing etc. We have prepared a sample interval cardio program for you.

Since I chose the treadmill, I will tell you through it (you can choose something else)

  • First, warm up by walking (5-6km/h)
  • Then run at high intensity for 1 minute (do as fast as you can, only 1 minute speed 8-10km/h)
  • Continue running at medium power for 2 minutes after 1 minute (half of your strength but not too fast)

That's it. Three minutes. Our set is over. Count this as 1 set. As you increase the number of sets you will see the difference from the normal cardio. At first it may be difficult to settle the order, but it will not come at all confused. Now let's turn this sample set into a program.

12 Week Interval Cardio Program
  • 1-4 Week

3 days a week, 3 sets per day

5 minutes warming + 9 minutes interval (3 minutes per set = 9 minutes) + 5 minutes cooling (resting with brisk walking) that lasts 19 minutes in total.

  • 4-8 Week

4 days a week, 4 sets per day

22 minutes in total.

  • 8-12 Week

4 days a week, 5 sets per day

25 minutes in total.


  • Do not apply this program before weight training!
  • Optimal times for cardio are after the weight taining and in the morning before breakfeast.
  • Don't do HIIT cardio after heavy leg training.
  • Especially if you do not trust yourself in the first training, do not force your body, you can do training at half power.
  • Reduce training intensity if you are over the middle age or you have had a hearth problem before.

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